About Us

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Our Mission

The ACM team loves Arlington. Our mission and vision are simple: to bring high quality content to the citizens of this city. We aim to inform and entertain, exploring the rich and often unknown history of Arlington as well as the new and exciting developments arriving every single day. Our vision is one of collaboration between the city institutions and it's citizens, where pride comes from information and engagement, and we all strive to make this The American Dream City.

Our Story

ACM began as an interaction in the comments section of a Facebook post. It was clear from the beginning that we were developing something special. A project, a partnership, and a friendship. We bring that spirit of friendship and collaboration to everything we do, working hard for the city and for it's citizens .

Meet the Team

ACM was founded in December 2018 by Amy Hankins, Darrel Smith Jr. and Jonathan Clegg. A true partnership, ACM values its mission to bring interesting and fun content to the citizens of Arlington.


Jonathan Clegg

Director of Research and Photo Editor

Jon is a myth to some, a character in a story that they tell their friends to others, a man that many are proud to call a friend. He's an Arlington resident of over 30 years, and continues to call The American Dream City home. He brings his experience in radio to ACM, and is a Martin High School graduate, a former Gunn Gator, and a little rascal. He enjoys walking the parks of Arlington with his dog.




Amy Gibson

Director of Operations and Cultural Editor

Amy is an Arlington transplant who was born and raised in Orange, California. A resident of Arlington for 13 years, she credits the city with her professional and personal success. A graduate of Tarleton State University and the supervisor of a high complexity toxicology laboratory, Amy brings business and operational experience to ACM. She has one daughter.

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Darrel Smith Jr.


A husband and father before all else, a lifetime resident of Arlington, Darrel is proud to call this city home. Professionally, Darrel is a project manager for a home technology company. In is free time, he hosts podcasts, picks up litter and runs social media profiles for local businesses. Darrel brings journalism and technical experience to ACM, and continues to show dedication and commitment to ACM and its mission.