Welcome to ACM!

At ACM, our mission is to bring the citizens of Arlington a fresh perspective on their ever growing city. We hope to act as a dashboard for events, a source for unusual and little known history, and as tour guides- providing you with restaurant reviews and hidden gems all around the city.

Our first episode is dedicated to the upcoming municipal elections. We took time to interview several city council and mayoral candidates about why they want to represent you. Each interviewee was thankful to have the opportunity to speak directly with the voters in Arlington, and we made sure to ask some fun questions designed to get to the heart of their personalities.

Over the next several episodes, we will be exploring the unusual history of a local building, interviewing local artists, and attending city-sponsored events live to bring you reporting and reviews from onsite.

Thank you for your support of Arlington Citizen Media. We are very excited to produce Arlington-centric content for the citizens of The American Dream City.

With Love,

The ACM team.

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